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Other Things!

Along with all the things we make ourselves, we also feature many items by other artisans from the area.  They range from seasonal things, gifts for your pet, baby items, to specialty foods, drinks, books and more.  Please stop in and see all the other things we have here for you!

Wall Things
Wall Things
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Popular Things!

Soberdough Brew Bread

Homemade bread in 45 minutes.  Pour into mixing bowl.  Pour in 12 oz. beer.  Stir until mixed.   Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.  Many flavors of bread to choose from!

Twisted Tomboy Shower Steamers 

Shower steamers are designed to slowly release intoxicating and/or aromatherapy oils during your shower.  Place a steamer at the bottom of your shower.  For a longer lasting steamer, place indirectly from the mainstream of water. As the steamer gets wet, it will slowly begin to fizz releasing the wonderful oils into the steam of your shower.  Now all you have to do is inhale, relax and pamper yourself!

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